About Chocho Industries Ltd.

Chocho Industries Ltd. has evolved over the years from a small family business and is gradually establishing itself in Ghana and the West African sub- region as a leading manufacturer of premium quality 100% Herbal-Based” products on the Ghanaian markets.
The drive behind the success story of Chocho Industries is the Late Alhaji Dr. Nana Mustapha Oti Boateng, founder of the company. He had over twenty-five (25) years of experiences of operating in Ghana, trained highly competent and motivated professionals to manage the various departments.
The company is one of the pioneers of the herbal industry in Ghana, and is currently playing a significant role in shaping the evolution path of industry, through market leadership in product development and active indulgence in social services and public education.

Chocho products have been endorsed by the Ghana’s Ministry of Health for prescription in hospitals and health centers throughout the country.
To ensure continuous availability of Raw Materials to feed the factory, the company maintains a Twenty (20) Acre Farm where most of the required herbs are cultivated. This farm operates as an independent unit with a task to supply over 75% of all the Raw Material needs of the company.
Supplementary Raw Materials are obtained from Small Holder Farmers who are largely funded by the company through credit supply of seeds, seedlings and cuttings, and environmentally friendly fertilizers and pesticides for cultivation.
Safe Operating Procedures have been established for all aspects of the factory operations, to ensure employee safety.

Uniform high standards of good house-keeping and hygiene are maintained throughout the company as well as Total Quality assurance processes at all stages of the production process.
These driving factors culminating in premium quality products have seen Chocho through years of increasing profitability and steady growth.
Chocho is well positioned to leverage cutting edge technology and industrial best practices to be able to manufacture to match international standards of quality and price, and compete effectively on the world markets.

To provide reliable, affordable and highly potent products: these consist of ingredients of herbal origin that treats most ailments, as well as enhancement of your health.

To lead the world into the tropical rain forests where high medicinal values are found: To use herbs as potent alternative medicine for the treatment of most ailments: To be market leader and the preferred distributor of highly potent herbal products.


The LATE ALHAJ DR. NANA MUSTAPHA OTI BOATENG was the founder and CEO  of Chocho Industries & company limited, a pioneering herbal cosmetics industry in Ghana. With a vision to revolutionize the way herbal cosmetics industry operate. Dr. Oti Boateng had led the company from humble beginnings to become a global leader in herbal cosmetics niche in the sub-region.
Kwabena Ti as was  affectionately  called by his extended family was born  on 26th December 1950 and raised in Akim Kwabeng. He decided to learn a trade after dropping out of school.  He became a Timber Truck apprentice and later became a Taxi Driver.  He started by driving for someone for some time, then he eventually decided to buy his own car in 1981.
Alhaji Mustapha Oti Boateng, like most indigenous entrepreneurs, began in a very small way, producing his skin care cream in his small rented apartment in Accra and his soap at Breman Asikuma in the Central Region. Without any support, he began his business in 1998 with only GH¢40.00 (old ¢400,000)
He had previously worked at a printing press in Japan doing odd jobs before he returned to the transport industry in Ghana in 1995.

After starting off as a cab driver for over 7years, the entrepreneur had his big break with two organic products namely; Chocho cream and Chocho soap.
During the period he used to visit the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission in Accra, Osu for  Zuhr and Asr prayers, on one of such occasions, the late Chief Inspector Abdullah A.P. Amamoo requested him that the Mission would need his services as a driver.
In the event, he eventually became a driver for the then  Ameer & Missionary-in-charge, Dr. Maulvi Wahab Bin Adam for a period of ten years.

He founded Chocho Industries & Company Limited with the mission ‘to provide reliable, affordable and highly potent skin care products which consist of ingredients of herbal origin that treats most skin ailments in the year 2003.  Through perseverance and dedication, Dr. Oti Boateng added new product lines that sought to serve humanity with products of natural origin. He navigated  the challenges of entrepreneurship, from securing initial funding to building a talented team.

Under Dr. Oti Boateng’s leadership, Chocho Industries & Company Limited has achieved remarkable milestones, including the best entrepreneur award 2013. Dr. Oti Boateng’s strategic vision and ability to anticipate market trends have propelled the company to unprecedented growth and success.

Popularly known as Alhaji Chocho he was enstooled the ‘Nkosuohene’ (Developmental Chief) of Akim Kwabeng in the Eastern Region in 2015.
Dr. Oti Boateng was the happiest man. One of the reasons for this was his living faith in Allah(God). To feel the significance of this, you need to understand that he had a fundamentalist ideologies of religion, business and state. He wore special smile always, as he possessed that caring heart for all, living the Islamic saying, “love for all, hatred for none”.
The philanthropic activities of Alhaj Dr. Nana Mustapha Oti Boateng, of blessed memory, will fill a book. He lived for the vulnerable persons in society, always helping others. An intelligent and intellectual man full of jokes, he had always stressed the importance of education and hard work in life.

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